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3-Part Fast Rain Flow Gutter Guard System

Gutter Medic™ developed the no-clog gutter guard system in order to eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. The Gutter Grate™ filters out leaves and debris thus eliminating the need for you, as a homeowner, to have to climb your ladder to clean gutters. Our gutter guard Gutter Grate™ system Keeps You Safe!  

No Clog Guarantee by Vancouver Gutter Repair Company

10-Year No Clog GUARANTEE

Gutter Medic™ guarantees the gutter guard Gutter Grate™ system will work.
If your gutters clog for any reason within the first 10 years of installation
of the gutter guard system, we will come out and clean your gutters for you…for free!

That’s our promise.


How the Gutter Guard System Works

The free-flow gutter guard Gutter Grate™ system works. It is designed to perform just like the drainage in your house.

Ask any plumber and they will tell you that water needs to drain from a small hole to a larger hole. It would never drain the other way around and if you said this to any plumber it would be backwards…they would never install it.

The gutter guard Gutter Grate™ system works exactly the same way where rain flow drains from a small hole to a larger hole and then flushes through. It’s just that simple.

Standard Rain Gutter Design Problems

Most existing gutter systems are inefficient at best. Gutter Medic™ gets rid of the small, inefficient inch and half drain pipe; it simply does not work. We also get rid of gutter strainers since they actually prevent gutter systems from working properly.

We replace these items with a highly efficient 3-part gutter Gutter Medic™ system that includes:

  1. Rapid Flow, No Clog Gutter Grates™
  2. Large V-Shaped Funnels
  3. “2×3-Inch” Fast Flow Drain Pipes with Catch Basins Attached to the Downspouts

Gutter Grates Custom Made for Hidden Gutters

Part 1 – Gutter Grates™

Gutter Grates™ are simply “gutter covers”. We customize our Gutter Grates™ so they can be installed on all types of gutters including hidden gutters, seamless gutters and continuous gutters.

Fast Flow Funnels & Down Pipes

Part 2 – V-Shape Funnel System

Fast flow "V" shaped funnels are installed to open the top of the down pipe two to four times bigger than what it was with the birdie used on standard gutters. It does not restrict the water flow and speeds the water down into the drainage pipe.

Part 3 – Downspout Catch Basins

Our downspout catch basins are attached to the down pipe about three to four feet off the ground for easy access.

The downspout catch basins act like “drain guards”, catching any small debris that is washed down the drain pipe, before it can reach the drain. From the safety of the ground you can now clean out the removable catch basin as needed. It’s a great system!


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The Gutter Guard "Gutter Grates™System" Works!

We’ve installed over 5000 gutter guard systems in the past 6 years.

We have never had to return to clean out a single gutter!

Ask Us About the Gutter Guard Gutter Grates™ System

Fraser Valley Gutter DoctorGutter Medic™ services most communities within the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area including Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Vancouver, North & West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta and Surrey, among others. To inquire about the gutter guard system for other areas of British Columbia or the western provinces please contact us for a quote.


To learn more about the no-clog gutter guard Gutter Medic™ system email the Gutter Protection Company or call the Gutter Doctor Toll Free at 1-888-851-2911.