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Downspout Catch Basin & Proper Gutter and Downspout Sizing

When it comes to clogged gutters and rain gutter cleaning, many homeowners tend to overlook gutter downspouts, most of which are inadequate for efficient downspout drainage.

Clogged downspouts are a very common problem that can easily be addressed with the fast flow, no-clog, Gutter Medic™ Rain Gutter Guard System.

Traditional Gutter Downspout Drainage Systems

Traditional rain gutter systems require constant gutter maintenance in order to keep gutters and downspouts free of debris so that they don’t clog. In truth, these older rain gutter systems are woefully inadequate.

Here are a few examples of why homeowners end up with clogged downspouts.

  • The birdie holes at the top of the downspouts are usually too small
    a. They can’t handle the volume of water
    b. They catch leaves and debris and tend to clog easily
  • The size of the gutter downpipes are inadequate for the volume of rainwater runoff
  • There is no “built-in” leaf trap or downspout debris filter to catch debris that does end up in the downspout

The Gutter Medic™ Downspout Drainage System

The Gutter Medic™ Gutter Guard System Works It addresses the issues related to the older traditional gutter downspout drainage systems.

  • The small birdie holes are replaced with large 2 X 6 inch V-Shaped Downspout Funnels, which allow rainwater to literally “flush” down the downspout carrying any residual debris with it (large V-shaped downspout funnels simply do not clog, can handle high volumes of water and provide sufficient downspout drainage)
  • Narrow gutter downspouts are replaced with larger 2 X 3 inch Gutter Downpipes that are designed to handle large volume rainwater run-off for highly efficient downspout drainage
  • Downspout Catch Basins are then installed on the downpipes at about 3 – 4 feet off the ground for quick easy access; these gutter collector boxes act like downspout debris filters, trapping all the smaller residual debris that gets flushed through the downspout funnel and down the gutter downspout

This is a very effective downspout drainage system.

Downspout Drainage Catch Basins

Downspout catch basins are really downspout debris filters but are designed to still allow the rainwater runoff to flow through.

The downspout catch basins can be cleaned from the safety of the ground and emptied on an “as needed” basis (usually several times a year) without the need for ladders or other gutter cleaning equipment. This system can easily be cleaned by the homeowner and eliminates the need for ladders or costly gutter cleaning services.

To clean the downspout catch basin simply slide out the basket and remove the debris. It’s so simple a child or elderly person can do it. The end result is a highly efficient downspout drainage system that provides years of problem free service.

The “No-Clog” Guarantee

The Gutter Doctor offers a 10-Year “No-Clog Guarantee”. If you experience clogged gutters or clogged downspouts at any time within the first 10 years of having our Gutter Medic™ gutter guard system installed, we will come back and clean your gutters for free.

It has been nearly 7 years since we started installing the Gutter Medic™ gutter guard system. We’ve installed over 5000 Gutter Medic™ gutter guard systems on all types of gutters including hidden, continuous and seamless gutters. In all that time we yet to receive a call back because of clogged gutters. It just doesn’t happen.