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Eliminate Clogged Gutters Downspouts & Drainage Problems
Homeowners can experience a number of problems associated with clogged gutters; some more expensive to remedy than others.

Clogged gutters may only need to be cleaned but in extreme cases Gutter Repair or Replacement may be necessary. If left on its own for extended periods of time clogged gutters can cause serious moisture damage to your home. Home damage from clogged gutters may include;

Damaged, cracked and leaking foundations
Leaks from damaged roof or walls
Wood rot caused by pooling water
Walkway, driveway and landscape damage caused by pooling water
Clogged gutters are also the perfect breeding grounds for insects, including flies and mosquitoes.

How to Clean Clogged Gutters
No Clog Guarantee – The Gutter Doc
Most gutter experts contend that in order to ensure clog free gutters, homeowners should clean their gutters at least once every three or four months and even more frequently if your home is surrounded by tall trees.

Many homeowners are not properly equipped or simply do not know how to clean clogged gutters properly. Most must rely on professional gutter cleaning companies. This can really add up over time.

The Gutter Doctor has developed a 3-step Gutter Grate™ Gutter Guard System that comes with a 10-year “no-clog gutter” Guarantee! In fact, over the past seven years we’ve installed over 5000+ Gutter Grate™ gutter guard systems and not once have we had to return to clean out a single gutter. That speaks volumes!

No More Clogged Gutters
Yes, it is possible for you to enjoy “clog free gutters” for the life of your home. In fact, our Gutter Grate™ gutter guard system eliminates the need to ever climb a ladder again. Our goal is to keep you safe on the ground but also to eliminate the need for you to hire gutter cleaning services. You stay safe, you save money and your rain gutters will work as they were intended to work…clog free.

How Gutters Clog & What We Do to Prevent Clogging
Rain gutters can clog in several areas. The most common areas for clogged gutters are;

Gutter corners
Gutter funnels (birdies)
And clogged gutter drains
The Gutter Grate™ system was designed to protect your gutters from falling leaves and debris. For clog free gutters it is also necessary to ensure that your drainage system is adequate enough to handle excessive water flow.

The Gutter Doc works with the same principle used by plumbers; for efficient drainage water must flow from smaller drainage into larger drainage in order to flush through properly.

Clogged Gutter Corners – these are eliminated by replacing the narrow right angle gutter corners with larger triangle shaped corners that improve water flow.

Clogged Gutter Funnels – this problem is addressed by replacing the small 2 or 3 inch round birdie with a large 2×6 inch V-shaped funnel for faster and more efficient water drainage

Clogged Gutter Drains – this problem is eliminated by replacing inadequate gutter downspouts with larger 2x3inch drainage pipes. In this way, any debris that is not filtered out by the Gutter Grate™ will be flushed down the drainage pipe and captured in the Downspout Catch Basin. (NOTE: Downspout catch basins are installed just a few feet off the ground as part of the drainage downspout; this allows homeowners to clean residual debris from the safety of the ground on an “as needed” basis.)

Gutter Doc’s Gutter Grate™ system is designed to work with 8 different rain gutter profiles.

Ask Us About Eliminating Clogged Gutters…Forever