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Gutter Cleaning

No More Gutter Cleaning with this Gutter Guard System
How often should you clean your gutters? Never again!

This is a reasonable answer with the fast flow, no-clog Gutter Medic™ Rain Gutter Guard System. This 3-part rain gutter system is designed to eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, while saving you money and keeping you safe on the ground!

No Climbing Ladders
No Gutter Cleaners or Chemicals
No Tools or Wands
No Vacuums or Attachments
No Gutter Blowers
No Hoses or Pressure Washers
No Equipment
No Gutter Cleaning Quotes
Those days are over!

Traditional Gutter Cleaning Is History
Clogged Gutter Corner

Standard rain gutter systems generally require gutter cleaning at least twice a year, if not more. Regular rain gutter maintenance is essential to prevent clogged gutters and to avoid leaking gutters which can cause moisture damage to your home.

Gutter clean out used to be a necessary and often dangerous undertaking. Most homeowners are ill equipped for cleaning out their own gutters and the problem is compounded when gutters need to be cleaned two, three or more times a year.

Homeowners that have a fear of heights or are otherwise not up to the physical demands of gutter cleaning used to have no other option other than paying for costly gutter cleaning services, which can really add up if needed more than once a year.

The Gutter Medic™ gutter guard system is the best gutter cleaning system we know of because it virtually eliminates the need for traditional gutter cleaning. Regular maintenance is still required to remove residual debris that is trapped in the downspout drainage catch basins but this can be done from the safety of the ground on an as needed basis.

You can now clean gutters without a ladder! See our page on How Gutter Guards Work

Common Gutter Problems
The need for gutter cleaning is usually a result of a combination of these most common problems that cause clogged gutters and gutters that leak;

Improper installation of rain guttering
Rain gutters don’t have the proper slope or pitch for effective drainage
Leaves, pine needles and large debris are washed off your roof into the gutters
Clogged gutters cause water to pool leading to erosion and gutter damage
Birdie holes going from the rain gutters into the downspouts are too small and can’t handle the water flow and become easily clogged
Gutter corners are too narrow and impede water flow
Gutter joints and seams were not properly caulked and sealed or the sealant has worn off and the seams now leak
Eliminate Gutter Problems & Gutter Cleaning
With the installation of the Gutter Medic™ Gutter Grate System we eliminate these common problems to avoid clogged gutters and eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. We make sure that your rain gutters are functioning as they should be;

Properly installed with the correct slope for drainage
Covered with rapid flow gutter grates to keep leaves and large debris out of your gutters
Widen gutter corners to improve water flow
Replace small inadequate birdie holes with large V-shaped funnels so that the fast flowing rain water can flush any smaller debris down into the drainpipe
Install fast flowing drain pipes that can handle larger water volume
Install gutter collector boxes about 3 to 4 feet off the ground as part of the drainage downspout
These drainage catch basins collect any small debris that is flushed down the downspout. This is the best (do it yourself) “diy gutter cleaning” system you will find. The drainage catch basins can easily be emptied and cleaned as needed from the safety of the ground.

No-Clog Guarantee

This is a great rain gutter system that eliminates the need for annual gutter cleaning and drastically reduces the cost of gutter maintenance.

The Gutter Doctor even offers a 10-Year “No-Clog Guarantee”. We have installed over 5000+ gutter grate systems in the past 6+ years and it works…we have never been called back to clean out a single gutter!

The Gutter Medic™ gutter guard system can be used on all gutter types including hidden gutters, continuous gutters and seamless gutters.