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Gutter Grate

The Gutter Grate™ Leaf Guard Protection System

There are many types of rain gutter screens on the market designed to provide leaf filter gutter protection. Some rain gutter screens are more effective than others but none are as effective our no-clog Gutter Grate™ gutter screen system by Gutter Medic™.

3 Key Goals of the Gutter Grate™ System

Gutter screens are known by many different names. Some people call them gutter guards; others call them gutter covers, gutter caps, gutter filters, gutter inserts, gutter hoods and even gutter helmets. No matter what you may call them they all are designed with one primary goal in mind; to provide leaf filter gutter protection.

While our gutter grates provide complete leaf gutter protection, we also designed the Gutter Grate™ gutter screen system with three key goals in mind;

  1. To eliminate clogged gutters (we even offer a 10-year No-Clog Guarantee!)
  2. To eliminate the need for cleaning gutters
  3. To keep you safe by keeping you on the ground and off your ladder

A major benefit of our no-clog Gutter Grate™ gutter screen system is that once installed, it does not have to be removed because there will be no need to clean your gutters ever again.

Our continuous flow gutter grates are durable gutter screens that have been tested and proven to stand up to the test of time. In fact, after 5000+ Gutter Grate™ gutter screen installations over the past 6 years, not once have we had to return for a gutter cleaning. That speaks volumes!

Gutter Cleaning – An Unnecessary Evil

The main job of rain gutters is to drain water away from your home to avoid moisture damage to your property. Your rain gutters can only do that job properly if they are free of leaves, twigs, needles and other debris.

Standard gutter systems require constant maintenance. At least twice a year (and often more) someone must climb the ladder to clean out Clogged Gutters. Cleaning gutters requires the proper tools and it can be very messy and very dangerous for those not used to ladders or heights.

Cleaning gutters can also be very costly if you need to hire someone to come and do your gutter cleaning for you.

The Gutter Grate™ gutter screen system virtually eliminates the need for gutter cleaning. In essence, gutter cleaning is an unnecessary evil that can be easily avoided by installing the Gutter Grate™ system.

How the Gutter Grate™ System Works

It doesn’t matter what type of rain gutters you have our no-clog Gutter Grate™ system will work (compatible on up to 8 different gutter profiles). We’ve even installed our Gutter Grate™ gutter screens on Seamless Gutters, continuous gutters and hidden gutters.

Our gutter grates are designed to simply install over your existing gutters, acting like gutter covers. The fast flow Gutter Grate™ is made from galvanized steel and has approximately 4,000 holes per square foot. The Gutter Grate™ system has three integral parts to ensure years of no-clog roof drainage.

  1. The Gutter Grate™ acts like a Gutter Screen to filter out large leaves and debris while allowing rain water to flow through very quickly.
  2. We also install Large V-Shaped Funnels going from the rain gutter into the downspout. This allows the gutters to run dry very fast carrying with it, any residual debris thus avoiding clogged gutters or gutter overflow.
  3. Finally, we install Gutter Downspout Catch Basins just 3 or 4 feet above ground level. The downspout drainage catch basins act like gutter collector boxes, trapping any small leaves and debris that does get flushed down into the drain pipe. Drainage catch basins can then be emptied from the safety of the ground on an as-needed basis (usually 2 or 3 times a year is sufficient).

Ask Us About the Gutter Grate™ Gutter Screen System

For more information about Vancouver Gutter Doc and our no-clog Gutter Grate™ gutter screen system by Gutter Medic™, or if you require gutter repair or gutter replacement services, email the Gutter Protection Company or call Gutter Medic Toll Free at 1-888-851-2911.