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Gutter Guard System Works

How the Gutter Guard System Works

Eliminate the need for gutter cleaning with our proven, free-flow gutter guard system.

This no-clog, 3-step gutter guard system is the key to how gutter guards work. It is designed to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters and allow unobstructed rain gutter drainage.

roper gutter drainage means directing rain water to drain from a small hole into a larger hole so everything can flush through properly and easily.

Our gutter guard system also includes a Drainage Downspout Catch Basin (see step #3) installed just a few feet off the ground for easy access and cleaning.

Step 1 – Rapid Flow Gutter Grates

Made from galvanized steel, our rapid flow gutter grates are professionally installed to cover your rain gutters. Gutter grates keep out bigger debris like leaves and twigs.

The gutter grates have approximately 4,000 holes per square foot allowing for a very high rate of water flow so there is no overflow in roof valleys or during times of heavy rain downpour.

This rapid flow gutter guard system works by allowing the gutter to run dry very quickly after the rain. It also protects your building by keeping rain water away from the walls.

Step 2 – Large V-Shaped Drainage Funnels

All gutter drains are fitted with large “V” shaped funnels that have an opening of two by six inches. The large v-shaped funnels are installed to replace the traditional (and ineffective) one inch “birdie” opening at the top of the down pipe.

The V-shaped funnel is an integral part of how gutter guards work so effectively, allowing for a very high water flow rate. This is a good thing as the faster the water drains, the more debris it carries down the pipe (which is then caught by the down pipe “catch basin” in step 3). V-shaped funnels do not clog and help keep you safe. You will have no need to climb your wobbly ladder anymore to try and clean clogged gutters.

Step 3 – Drain Pipe Catch Basins

The drain guard is simply a downspout catch basin that is installed about three feet above the ground. The drainage catch basin catches the last small debris pieces, yet still allows the water to run through into the downspout drain.

The catch basin (or drain guard) is easily cleaned by simply sliding out the basket and removing the few small pieces of debris. Since the down pipe catch basin is only about three feet above ground level, people of all ages and abilities can easily clean out the drain guard at ground level (as needed), without the need of using a ladder.

Low Cost, Low Maintenance & Versatile Gutter Guard Systems

We are often asked “Do gutter guards work for all types of gutters?” The answer is yes, absolutely! We’ve installed our gutter guard system on up to 8 different gutter profiles!

Our No-Clog Gutter Guard System can work with most existing gutters as long as the gutters are in good shape including continuous gutters, seamless gutters and hidden gutter systems. We also do gutter repairs and gutter replacements if necessary.

The gutter guard system is a low cost, low maintenance, no-clog gutter system that we’ve successfully installed on over 5000 houses, townhouse complexes and apartments. In fact, we can install the no-clog gutter guard system on virtually any type of rain gutters.

Any place where there is a gutter system…we can install the gutter guard system.

What the Gutter Guard System Can Mean to You

Here’s what the no-clog gutter guard system can really mean to you;

  1. Low Cost Gutter Guard Installation – The cost of the no-clog gutter guard system is low, even very low when compared to other systems that claim to be the perfect solution for your home. The average cost of the gutter guard system installed by the Fraser Valley Gutter Doctor is very reasonable and will vary depending on the type of gutters, the condition of the gutters and if the gutters will need to be repaired or replaced before installation.
  2. Use of Existing Gutters – If your existing gutters are in good shape we can install the gutter guard system on your old gutters, this way you can avoid the added cost of removal or replacement of the old gutter system.
  3. Low Maintenance – This gutter guard system is very low maintenance. It filters out large and medium debris at the top, and washes the rest into the drain guard (downspout catch basin) for easy removal at ground level.
  4. Looks Great – The gutter guard system looks great and blends beautifully with your existing building style.
  5. Is There A Guarantee? – Absolutely! If your gutters clog at anytime within 10 years of installation we will come out and clean out your gutters for free.
  6. How Do Gutter Guards Work Compared to Standard Gutter Screening? – Standard gutter screens can be very cheap, require high maintenance and need to be replaced often…not so with the gutter guard system. We’re heading into our 7th year of installing the gutter guard system and we have yet to go out and clean out a single gutter.
  7. Highly Efficient, High Water Flow Rates – Gutter grates installed over the gutters allow high water flow rates so there’s no over-shooting, which can happen with hooded covers.

Our “No-Clog Gutters” Guarantee

Even though you now know how gutter guards work, please note that installing the three step gutter guard system will not mean that you never have to do anything again.

The gutter guard system will however, allow you easy, comfortably access (at about hip level above the ground) to the downspout catch basins (drain guards) so you can remove any small debris that has been flushed down. This should be done on an “as-needed” basis.

You won’t have to go up steep ladders again…and you won’t have to do it in the pouring rain for an overflowing gutter…ever again! Should your gutters ever clog within the first ten years of using our gutter guard system, simply give us a call and we will come and clean them for free! That’s our “No Clog Gutters” Guarantee.

Learn More About How Gutter Guards Work

For more information about how gutter guards work or if you have any further questions about this excellent gutter guard system, email the Gutter Protection Company or call Gutter Medic Toll Free at 1-888-851-2911.

Gutter Medic services most communities within the Greater Vancouver Regional District and the Fraser Valley including Coquitlam, Port Moody, Vancouver, North & West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta and Surrey, plus Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge and Chilliwack, among others.