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In BC, there seems to be no shortage of water. Some may argue we get too much water!

But…when you factor in the rising cost of municipal water and the fact that the world on a whole is experiencing a fresh water crisis then rain water recycling makes a lot of sense.

Rain Water Barrels

Rain Water Barrels

We have it…in abundance, so why not use it?

Adding Rain Water Harvesting to our services then, seemed like a natural progression.

For the better part of a decade the Gutter Doc has been BC’s leading gutter protection company, installing over 5000+ Gutter Medic™ No Clog Gutter Guard Systems. We virtually eliminate the need for rain gutter cleaning for our clients.

With rain water recycling, we can now also help our clients;

  • Conserve on water
  • Decrease dependence on municipal water
  • Cut water bills by up to 40%
  • Save energy by lessening the demand for water treatment

Cistern Rain Water Barrels

There are many types of recycling rain water systems on the market. We chose Cistern Rain Water Barrels because it is one of the better rain water recycling systems on the market. Cisterns are rain barrels made from 50% recycled materials and designed for water collection that utilize roof water drainage and your existing roof gutter systems.

Cistern rain water barrels can be installed on its own or in combination with our Gutter Medic Gutter Grate™ Gutter Guard System, which works effectively to filter out unwanted leaves and debris.

Rain water runoff is diverted from your gutters into the Cistern rain water barrel. You can even connect multiple rain barrels for water collection on a larger scale.

The collected rain water can then be used for many residential uses other than drinking, including lawn and garden watering, washing vehicles, pets and clothes and even flushing toilets.

How Clean Is Rain Water?

By itself, rain water is absolutely clean. There are no chemicals or chlorine in rain water so it can be used for almost any purpose other than drinking. Rain water can become contaminated however, usually within the first inch of rain fall so using rain water recycling for drinking water is not recommended.

Rain water can become contaminated from the particles it picks up from polluted air (especially in heavy populated areas where pollution is an issue) or from the particles, dust and debris that it picks up from your roof during roof runoff. Cistern rain water barrels also include mesh filters in the lids to filter out bugs, debris and other contaminates that are flushed through the gutter drainage system.

How Much Will Cistern Rain Barrels Hold?

A 1000 square foot roof can yield over 2200 litres (600 gallons) of rain water with just 1 inch of rain fall.

Our Cistern rain water barrels start at 208 litres (55 gallons) but can be as large as 37,850 litres (10,000 gallons) to provide extra storage for rain water collection on a grander scale. The rain water can then be diverted to wherever it is needed. These rain water recycling systems can be sized to suit your needs.

Cistern rain water barrels also include overflow hoses so excess water can be diverted away from the home safely.

Ask Us About Cistern Rain Barrels

For more information about rain water recycling and Cistern Rain Water Barrels or if you have any questions about rain water harvesting or installation, email Gutter Doc, the Gutter Protection Company or call Gutter Medic Toll Free at 1-888-851-2911.



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