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Rain Water Harvesting Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC receives 43.98 inches of rain annually (that’s 3 feet and 8 inches) so rain water harvesting is fairly easy to do in British Columbia, Canada.

There are many benefits to harvesting rain water for residential use. For instance, you can save up to 40% off your annual household water bill.

Harvesting rain water is chemical and chlorine free since rain water doesn’t undergo any water treatment. Best of all, you can save your drinking water and use harvested rain water for many residential purposes including;

  • Watering lawns, gardens and indoor plants
  • Flushing toilets
  • Washing clothes
  • Cleaning floors
  • Washing vehicles
  • Plus many other residential uses

You can even utilize rain water harvesting for summer fun activities like water guns, water balloons and children’s swimming pools.  Rain water is clean, natural and free of chemicals. Harvesting rain water conserves our valuable drinking water, lowers your water bill and lowers the cost of community water treatment. Everyone wins!

How the Rain Water Harvesting System Works

Domestic rain water harvesting methods are relatively simple.

The roof rain water harvesting system employed by the Gutter Doc is an efficient design. Rain water runoff is collected through the rain gutters and downspouts on your home. Our Gutter Medic™ No Clog Gutter Guard System filters out leaves and unwanted debris. The rain water is then stored in Systern Rain Water Barrels (rain water storage tanks) from where it can be distributed to wherever you may need it.

The rainwater harvesting equipment will work with your existing gutters and the Systern rain water barrels are designed to easily accommodate existing downspout drainage. There’s even an overflow hose so excess rain water can be diverted to additional rain water storage Systerns.

Rain Water Harvesting Equipment

Vancouver’s Gutter Doc has installed over 5000+ Gutter Medic™ no clog gutter guard systems in the past six years. Many of our clients have asked us to recommend methods of rain water harvesting so adding this service seemed a natural extension of our gutter protection services.

The Gutter Doc is proud to offer our clients rain water harvesting equipment and installation!

Rain water harvesting equipment is affordable and economical to install either on its own or while we are installing our 3-Part Gutter Guard System or during Gutter Repair and Replacement.

World Water Crisis

We don’t realize just how fortunate we are here in BC.

Worldwide, water contamination and water shortages have become a serious issue spawning this new industry of rain water harvesting. On the whole, the world is experiencing a water crisis, which means water has become one of our most valuable resources.

A rain water harvesting system is efficient and economical and in this day and age, it just makes sense.

Here are some quick water facts;

  • 97.5% of the earth’s water is salt water
  • That leaves only 2.5% fit for consumption
  • 1.6% of the earth’s fresh water is trapped in glaciers and polar ice
  • Which leaves less than 1% in our lakes, rivers and streams for human consumption

The Cost of Water

In most countries the cost of water has steadily increased over the past decade. In fact, a 2007 report on world water consumption revealed that between 2002 and 2007 Canadian water rates increased 58%. In September of 2008, Global Water Intelligence reported that world water prices increased by 6.7% in just one year!

The bottom line is that for future generations, fresh water (fit for human consumption) will inevitably become our most valuable resource.

Rain water harvesting can help you combat rising water prices and help you to do your part in conserving water and caring for our environment.

Did you know that…?

  • Per day, North American families use 2 times more water than European families
  • Yet, North Americans pay up to 50% less than Europeans for water consumption (for now)
  • Worldwide, 1 in 8 people lack access to clean, safe water

Here in BC, we are very fortunate. We’ve been blessed with abundant rainfall that makes harvesting rain water a very easy and very sensible thing to do.

Ask The Gutter Doc About Rain Water Harvesting

For more information about our rain water harvesting system or if you have any questions about rain water harvesting equipment and installation, email Gutter Doc, the Gutter Protection Company or call Gutter Medic Toll Free at 1-888-851-2911.


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