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Rain Water Tanks

Vancouver BC – Rain Water Tanks
Statistics indicate that world consumption of fresh water is increasing at an alarming rate; twice as fast as the growth of the world’s population.

Although we are blessed with a lot of rain water here in British Columbia Canada (almost 4 feet annually) the truth is the world is in a water crisis.

Rain Water Management Systems
For many countries, rain water management is crucial to maintaining fresh water supplies and this is something that we as North Americans are beginning to take very seriously as well.

Rain water tanks and rain water management systems have been around for awhile. There are plenty of good affordable rain water tanks on the market that are easy to install and provide years of reliable service.

Systern Rain Water Tanks
The Gutter Doc now offers clients Systern Rain Water Tanks (aka Rain Water Barrels). These rain water tanks can be installed on each gutter drainage downspout of your residential property or they can be connected to each other to increase the potential of your Rain Water Harvesting System.

Install Systern rain water tanks to capture and store fresh rain water for all kinds of domestic uses. Rain water tanks help us to;

Conserve our fresh water supply
Lesson the demand on municipal water
Decrease the demand for water treatment services
Lower our water and utility bills
Conserve energy
What Size of Rain Water Tank Do I Need?
Our Systern rain water tanks can vary in size anywhere between 55 gallons (208 litres) up to 10,000 gallons. To determine how big your rain water tank should be you will need to consider;

How big is your total roof surface (this is your “rain water catchment” area)
How much rain falls annually in the area where you live
What you will be using the rain water for (how much rain water do you actually need)
For instance, a 1000 square foot roof can potentially capture over 600 gallons of water with just one inch of rain fall. In Vancouver and the lower mainland area of British Columbia, the average annual rainfall is 44 inches a year (or 3.6 inches a month). Therefore on a 1000 square foot roof, the total potential for rain water capture per month is the monthly rainfall (3.6 inches) multiplied by the number of gallons per inch of rain (600) for a total of approximately 2200 gallons of pure, natural rain water per month.

Installing Rain Water Tanks
Our Sytern rain water tanks can be easily installed at the base of your gutter drainage downspouts. The tanks have flow through screens to keep out bugs and debris. We also recommend installing your rain water management system with our No Clog Gutter Guard System, which will help keep leaves and debris out of your gutters as well.

Our food grade Systern rain water tanks are attractive, come in neutral colours and are made from 50% recycled material. They are also child-proof. For increased storage capacity additional rain water tanks can be connected or you can choose to order a larger rain water management system.

Benefits of Installing Rain Water Tanks
A rain water management system is an investment that offers homeowners many benefits. Rain water is naturally soft and free of chlorine and other water treatment chemicals. It can be utilized for most domestic uses.

Use Rain Water for Washing & Cleaning – Anything that needs to be washed can be washed with recycled rain water including clothes, floors, pets and vehicles.

Use Rain Water for Watering – Water your lawns without worrying about water restrictions. Use rain water to also water indoor plants, your garden and if need be, for irrigation.

Other Uses for Rain Water – You can also install a rain water management system to operate your toilets, fill your swimming pool or as a source of water for farm animals.

Rain water tanks are environmentally friendly and provide a good return on your investment. Installing a rain water harvesting system will even help increase the value of your home and property!