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Roof Repair

Leaking Roof Repair Services in Vancouver BC

Although Vancouver and the lower mainland area of BC can boast it has the most frost free days in Canada (319 days approximately!) this area does receive a lot of rain; almost 44 inches of rain annually.

A leaky roof is a common problem that many homeowners experience here in BC. Most often, these homeowners are faced with the unexpected and unwanted cost of installing a new roof.

Temporary roof repairs can be a viable option for some, but keep in mind that that while roof repair costs can be a lot less than replacing the entire roof this is still just a temporary solution.

Many times roof repair companies can repair a roof leak but this solution does not change the age of your roof or the condition of your aging shingles.

Leaking Roof Causes

Age and Exposure – Age and exposure are the natural enemies of roofing materials. Exposure to the sun, rain and wind eventually breaks down roofing shingles (especially older asphalt shingles). The shingles tend to dry out, crack, buckle, curl or blister. This can cause leaks when the nails are exposed and necessitate replacing the roof or temporary roof repairs.

Improper Installation – A very common and avoidable problem that may also cause the need for roofing repairs is improper installation. Manufacturer warranties are only valid if the roofing shingles have been installed correctly. Since most roofing installers are paid by the number of squares installed, correct placement of the roofing nails may be sacrificed in an effort to complete the roofing in a timely manner.

Traditionally, roofing shingles were constructed with a very limited space for placing roofing nails (generally under a half an inch). Each square of roofing (a square is 100 sq feet) can require up to 250 roofing nails, and when you consider that the average home requires approximately 25 square of roofing shingles…that’s a lot of margin for error. Roof repairs are not uncommon for this type of problem.

New laminate fiberglass roofing shingles provide a nailing strip that is over one and a half inches wide allowing for more shingle overlap and less chance of roof leaks occurring.

Home Roof Repair Materials

The most popular type of roofing shingles on the market today are the laminated fiberglass roofing shingles. Our roofing contractors use laminate roofing shingles for leaky roof repairs and roof replacement because they are more durable and provide superior benefits over standard asphalt shingles. They also come in aesthetically pleasing colors to provide excellent curb appeal.