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Seamless Gutters and Gutter Guards

Rain gutters are an essential part of your home. Rain gutter systems are designed to collect rainwater runoff and divert or drain the rain water away from your home.

On this page we will talk about seamless gutters (also known as ‘continuous gutters’). But first, let’s discuss the three most common rain gutter types that we have installed our Gutter Grate™ System on;

  1. Hidden Gutter Systems – The hidden roof gutter system consists of built-in gutters, which are usually found on modern high-end homes. These hidden gutters use a rubber membrane (EPDM) and are built as part of the structure so that they are not visible from the ground. Hidden gutters can be esthetically pleasing but if neglected, can result in severe water and/or structural damage.
  2. Sectional Rain Gutters – This common gutter system is generally installed in sections resulting in a number of seams along a long stretch of the roofing gutter. In addition to the added seams there are the usual corner joints, end caps and downspout connections where problems can occur and leaks can happen. Most ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) gutter systems are generally sectional rain gutters.
  3. Continuous or Seamless Rain Gutter Systems – The seamless gutter drainage system is the most common type of rain gutter drainage. Seamless gutters employ custom full length gutters that minimize the number of seams where problems can occur. In truth, seamless gutters still have seams where the inside and outside corners are joined and where the seamless gutters are connected to the downspouts. These are unavoidable. If neglected, seamless gutters can and do experience leaking problems. Since seamless gutters are created with a seamless gutter machine they must be professionally installed.

Seamless Gutter Repairs & Replacement

There are some excellent seamless gutter companies around but unfortunately it’s fairly easy to enter the seamless gutter business. Anyone with a seamless gutter machine and a little knowledge can call themselves a seamless gutter company but that doesn’t make them a pro

Sometimes seamless gutter problems can arise when the continuous gutters are not properly installed or if the product installed is not a good quality product. For instance, in order to ensure adequate drainage, seamless gutters must be installed with the proper amount of slope. In these cases it may be necessary for the Gutter Doc to do Seamless Gutter Repair or Replacement. If there has been structural or water damage to the fascia due to improper installation or neglect, the Gutter Doc will also replace damaged fascia boards or do the necessary carpentry to repair your fascia boards properly.

Seamless Gutter Problems

If you have seamless gutters and are having problems with clogged gutters or leaking gutters, the Gutter Doc can help. In many cases clogged or leaking gutters can be temporarily remedied by Cleaning Seamless Gutters however a long term solution for ongoing gutter problems can usually be resolved by installing our Gutter Medic™ Gutter Guard System.

Vancouver’s Gutter Doc offers a 10 year, no-clog guarantee. If, after installing our Gutter Medic™ gutter guard system, your seamless gutters clog up within the first 10 years, we will return and unclog your seamless gutters for FREE!

Learn More About Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters come in a variety of profiles (shapes and sizes). The Gutter Doc works with 8 different rain gutter profiles. For more information about installing or cleaning seamless gutters or for seamless gutter repair or replacement services, email the Gutter Protection Company or call Gutter