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Vancouver BC – Rain Water Storage Systems
Although Rain Water Harvesting is popular in many countries around the world it is still a relatively young industry in Canada.

Canadian homeowners who are interested in a rain water capture and storage system can easily become overwhelmed with the available products and the industry jargon related to rain water storage.

What follows is a brief overview of the different terminology associated with rain water storage and capture systems.

What Is Rain Water Catchment?
This expression refers to the area or square footage of your roof that “catches” the rain before it drains into your roof gutters. For instance if your home has a roof that is 1000 square feet, then your rain water catchment is 1000 square feet.

What Is Rain Water Capture?
The term “rain water capture” is really just another term for Rain Water Collection. The amount of rain that is captured (or collected) is determined by the size of your rain water catchment area and the amount of rain that falls over a given period of time.

Vancouver and the lower mainland area of BC receive almost 44 inches of rain a year. Rain water capture from just 1 inch of rainfall on a 1000 square foot roof will yield about 600 gallons of rain water. With an annual rainfall of 44 inches then, a 1000 foot rain water catchment will capture an astounding 26,400 gallons of rain water a year. Best of all, the rain water is free! The larger your rain water storage system is the more rain water you can capture and utilize for everyday use.

What Is Rain Water Recycling?
When rain falls in urban areas our modern cities are generally well equipped with storm drains that can handle most rain water runoff. In non-urban areas rain water runoff will seek the lowest level and drain into rivers, streams and water catchment areas like lakes and reservoirs. Rain water recycling is simply a term used to describe capturing and storing rain water for irrigation or everyday residential use.

What Are Rain Water Barrels?
The term “rain water barrel” is used mostly in North America and simply refers to an above ground drum or rain water storage system used for holding the rain water that drains from your roof. Rain water is diverted from the gutter downspout drainage pipe into the lid of the rain water barrel, which has a screen to allow the rain water to flow through but keeps out bugs, leaves and debris.

The Systern Rain Water Barrels that we carry start at about 55 gallons and can go up from there. This is a very reasonably priced rain water storage system. The food-grade rain water barrels also have an overflow hose to carry away excess water from the house. For clients who do not want to go with a larger rain cistern system but need more rain water storage, we recommend linking several rain water barrels together.

What Are Rain Water Tanks?
Homeowners will find a variety of available rain water storage methods including rain water barrels and cisterns. Rain water tanks are simply another name for rain water barrels.

What Are Rain Water Cisterns?
Any rain water storage system that can capture and store over 1000 gallons of rain water is called a rain water cistern. For the most part rain water cisterns are used for irrigation but can be utilized for anything that requires a lot of water including toilets, laundry and watering lawns and gardens. The Gutter Doc can offer clients rain water cisterns that can hold up to 10,000 gallons of rainwater.