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Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC – Rain Water Collection Systems
Rain Water Harvesting and storage using a rain water collection system is a relatively new phenomenon for Canadians but is something that other countries have been doing for years.

The world’s fresh water supply used for human consumption is obtained from only 1% of all the water on earth and the two biggest threats to our global fresh water supply are;

Water contamination
Water shortage
Rising Cost of Municipal Water
In North America we take our seemingly abundant fresh water for granted and few of us realize that globally, 1 out of every 8 people has little or no access to safe, clean water.

What we have noticed however is that the cost of municipal water is continually increasing as our unprecedented water usage puts ever increasing demands on municipal water systems. As the cost of municipal water increases we start to look for new and innovative ways to find new water resources and conserve the water we do have.

BC’s Unlimited Alternative Water Source
Did you know that a thousand square feet of roof will yield over 600 litres of water from just 1 inch of rainfall?

Because of this the Gutter Doc now offers clients Systern Rain Water Barrels, a very effective and affordable rain water collection system that is virtually maintenance free.

This rain water collection method utilizes your roof gutter drainage system and when combined with our Gutter Grate™ Gutter Guard System it becomes virtually an unlimited alternative clean water source.

The Gutter Doc is well known throughout the lower mainland and BC for our No Clog Gutter Guard Gutter Protection Systems. Adding rain water collection systems to our services is simply another value added service that we can offer our clients.

Systern Rain Water Collection
Rain water obtained from our Systern rain water collection systems is soft water, soft enough to be used for washing your clothes. It is also fresh, chemical free water that is free of contaminates and does not need to be treated. You can even hook up your water collection tank to operate your toilets or washing machine.

The Systern rain water collection system is a very green, efficient and environmentally friendly method for collecting and storing fresh rain water for everyday use. The Systern storage tanks start at 55 gallons (208 litres) but can be ordered in sizes up to 10,000 gallons (37,850 litres). They are very lightweight and once connected to your gutter downspouts they can collect most of the rain water runoff that drains into your roof gutters.

Thankfully, here in BC, we are blessed with plenty of rain and these rain water collection barrels can be put to very good use for residential purposes and for irrigation.

Global Rain Water Collection
In many countries roof gutter rain water collection is vital in providing drinking water for humans and livestock and for irrigating crops. In other countries, huge ongoing rain water collection projects have been employed to help offset water shortages. And in some countries, laws have even been passed that require adequate rain water collection systems to be installed as part of any new construction.

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